Russian Blue Kittens For Sale

Welcome to Exclusive Kitten Breeders, home of Russian Blue Kittens for Sale . We are a registered and well recognized Russian Blue Kitten Breeders with the great reputation of raising kittens since 2014 . However , we offer beautiful, well-socialized pet kittens from European champion bloodlines.  The babies are born into a family home environment and get tons of love and attention from day one. Our main objective as Kitten breeders is to provide you with a sweet, healthy, outgoing kitten that will be your companion for many years to come! 


The Russian Blue kitten for sale is a clever breed that enjoys the company of its family.  They are the type of breed that can be trained to fetch and play games with you.  These cats are happy to spend some time alone and they can amuse themselves. Once you are home the Russian Blue will most likely follow you from room to room because they also love human company.  While they are comfortable with their family this cat may be a bit nervous and skittish around strangers. Like a lot of other cats the Russian Blue is a creature of habit and they love routine.  They love being fed at the same time and following the routine of the family home. They are ideal cats for families and don’t mind children at all.  They may choose a favourite in the family though and stick to them. READ MORE…..

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Allergies taking a toll on you? Therefore , if you’re longing to have a cat, despite your allergies, there are few “hypoallergenic” breeds known to produce fewer allergens than other cats. Key among these is the Russian Blue Cat. They are sensitive and will appear to sulk if reprimanded. Furtherore , they will also go out of their way to cheer up the kids if they are crying or hurt. Russian Blues is been refer to as the perfect “apartment cat” because they have a pretty tranquil demeanor and do not seem to mind being alone while you work- although they will be happy to see you when you get home. They are all around sweet cats. The perfect breed in our eyes!  The Russian Blue cat has a striking bluish grey coat that is quite unique.  The eyes of the Russian Blue are deep bottle green in colour.  While other cats may have a similar appearance to the Russian Blue if they don’t have the green eyes then they are not Russian Blue’s.  While the blue is the most popular colour these cats do come in white and black as well, though the black and white cats are very rare.  If you are thinking of buying a Russian Blue it’s best to find a reputable breeder so that you can be sure you are getting a pedigree.

You can view our available Hypoallergenic Kittens for sale. Contact us once you intend to adopt . Getting a hypoallergenic Russian Blue Kitten for sale is a great option for cat owners who have allergies.

Munchkin Kittens For Sale

Despite their small size, the Munchkin is a lively, playful little cat! They are active and enjoy running after toys, refusing to let their lack of legs size be a problem. They will climb and jump just like any other cat, however, their short legs do mean that they may not be able to jump as high. Munchkin cats make good pets for someone who likes a cat that is inquisitive and wants to be with them. Although they are not necessarily lazy lap cats (although they do love a fuss and a cuddle) they also enjoy following their owners around the house and getting involved with everything that is going on. The Munchkin cat can live with other dogs and cats if properly introduced. They are also good with children due to their playful nature. Many owners state that once they have owned a Munchkin cat, they could never own anything else . .


Breed: Russian Blue 

Gender: Male

Date Available: Today

Health: Lifetime Guarantee

What’s included Registered, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee

Name: Lyn

Breed: Calico

Gender: Female

Date Available: Today

Health: Lifetime Guarantee

What’s included Registered, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee

Name: Duval

Breed: Munchkin

Gender: Male

Date Available: Today

Health: Lifetime Guarantee

What’s included Registered, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee


We are active duty military and were worried about how it would affect us getting a kitten. They were really helpful when it came to choosing a kitten and payment plans. The Russian blue’s health is their main concern, and they take great pride in the care for them. It was a great experience!


The staff is great excellent customer service!!!! And best of all, the puppies are well taken care of. Thanks to them, my kids have a puppy.

Melvis C

 I just wanted to let you know that Daisy is doing well. She has brought me so much joy and love, and she is the love of my life. Still spry and still the same as when I first got her. She loves to be loved and loves to eat and sleep. She is simply amazing. Thank you for bringing her into my life. I cherish every day I have with her.

Nadia F